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Welcome to the home page of Mette Ehlers Mikkelsen and my company Expanding Our Horizon.

The name – to me – is about learning new skills and developing as a person and a professional, throughout life.

The 3 most important aspects of my life are:

  • Exploring the world.
  • Family and friends.
  • Making a difference as a board member, business advisor and as a professional. Former business CEO, Sales Director, Export Director during 15 years, Diplomat during 18 years and leader during 20 years.

Business and travelling are linked. When one works with export, it is invaluable to possess a thorough understanding of global business, trade, leadership, language, culture and society in many countries.

It would please me if I can use my knowledge to increase international trade, understanding and wealth.

When I travel, I benefit from having studied international relations, economy and trade and worked with international trade and sales for 20 years. I tend to analyze risk and I am always impressed with how helpful people are around the world. It helps me keeping a positive view of humanity and what we are capable of together.

Board Member and business advisor

Professionally, I work as a board member and business advisor.

If you wish to increase your sales and growth, please feel free to contact me.

Working in different boards, I have worked to increase growth, sales and export through network, and advising on leadership and strategy in small and medium sized companies. Often owner led. Having worked not only in Denmark, but posted as head of Danish Export Promotion in the Nordic Countries and in the Baltic Countries for 6 years, I have strong knowledge of business in this region. I speak Swedish and some Estonian.

It makes me proud to have received the Royal Swedish honor of being Commandor of the Order of the North Star for my work. The Swedish Ambassador who presented the honor explained it with my work being of value for both Sweden and Denmark in furthering mutual trade, Furthermore, that I had established a network in Sweden; had travelled the whole country and made a real effort to become part of society.

As an advisor, my focus is on sale and export, particularly strategic sale to executives, B2B, export, international sales, online sales and the facilitation of networks.

If your company is working in the area between public and private, political and commercial, it is useful to work professionally to open new markets internationally by being able to understand and even influence your international business framework conditions through lobbying and strategic sales. In that case, please feel free to contact me.

With the UN World Sustainability Goals becoming part of the agenda of companies, my competences and experience as a diplomat, project manager of development assistance projects and business professional are highly relevant. Please find an article I got published on this (in Danish):

My linkedin profil is updated on CV and business competences and board-CV. It is in English.

Please look at this for references and a literature list of more than 100 articles where I have written on export and business development or have been quoted on this. It is at Linkedin I am active professionally. In board work my focus is on quality development. Up until now, I have mostly been working in Danish boards, however, I would like to contribute to more international in boards again.

Please feel free to contact me at: mette at and mobile +45 6171 3720.

I furthermore have an Instagram page on my experiences as globetrotter.