Hiking an Ice Palace in Neko Harbour, Antarctica

Neko Harbour was a wild and rough place to go ashore in Antartica and typical for my impression. We could bare find a place to land with the small and strong zodiacs. Then hike over a hill. As its not too steep here, its also a place where a colony of Gentoo penguins have found shelter enough for nesting. Their walks goes through the snow from the colony and down to the ocean. Above us rises snow and enough of it to be released in a ravine any second. On the other side of this narrow width of water are castle formations of steep ice castles in front of equally steep black mountains of rock. Mountains we cannot climb and where any weight on the snow in front and up along the sides would start a ravine. On beautiful days its blue sky. On most days its windy, snowy, grey and with rougher sea. Fascinating continent for so much life to be in.