Hatching Penguin Chicks in Brown Bluff, Antarctica

PENGUINS. Hatching chicks that are grey and fluffy. Laying on their eggs. Parents feeding each other, when one is back from fishing to take its turn with the eggs. Jumping in the water – trying not to be the first or the last to do so as it’s the most dangerous. Dancing with its mate to learn each others voices and recognise them across the colony both this year and the next. Chasing other birds away from the eggs and chicks. Jumping out of the water onto ice flakes in the water and jumping out of the water while swimming. Just really ever so amazing how they manage to live here.

Gentoo Penguins are doing best with the changes as they eat more different foods than krill and cam hatch twice in a season it they loose the first eggs. Adiele and Thinstraps are more under pressure. Emperors loose total colonies when the ice break up underneath them before the chicks are ready. We force them to be very adaptable.